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Cala Luna
Saturday, August 31, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Lime & Tonic provided a 'Five Fresh Courses w/ Five Paired Wines' deal at Cala Luna for only $55!
Sounds like a steal no? :D

The experience, though, was only so-so.
There were definitely some highs and some lows.


Service wasn't as good as expected :(

The waiter we were assigned did not care to explain what was on the plate.
I feel that any restaurant that serves beyond 3 courses should give an explanation for each and every course.

The information about the paired wines were also in the dark.
In comparison, the waiter in Bishop Sessa explained why each wine was paired with each course.
Therefore, we can learn to appreciate and think about how the flavours of the wine and the dish would match.
It just makes eating really fun :)

Cala Luna on the other hand simply placed the wines on our table with no explanations whatsoever :(

Another misconception was that the website provided a sample degustation menu,
& At the bottom it states that:

"This menu will vary on a daily basis to reflect the freshest produce seasonally available. However the menu will always contain soup, salad, pasta, fish, beef, and dessert"

We did not get a soup nor a salad,
We got a tiny little scallop instead of a fish dish,
We got pork instead of beef (which was fine actually)

Okay enough complaints about the service, on to the food!


Italian Olives & Aged Parmesan Cheese

I was quite surprised that this was considered a course.

Seared Scallop w/ peas and ???

I was also surprised that this was considered as a course.
Don't be deceived by the photo, the scallop is actually really small.
However, it was one tasty scallop!
It was aggressively seasoned with salt, which I like :D

Tortellini with ...
I think it was salmon inside, 
& I have no idea what puree that was made of -_-

Yeah, tasted like salmon wrapped in pasta.
That's all I have to say.

Stuffed Suckling Pig w/ grilled figs & pumpkin

This was the highlight of the meal!
I absolutely looooooooooooooooved this. 
Oh my god, 
The pork was so tender,
The stuffing really made the pork quite aromatic,
The skin was definitely crackling,
& The flavours of grilled figs and pumpkin just went so well with the pork.
High praise on this one!

Random Dessert Platter

Now how can you put out such a sophisticated main and put out such a crappy dessert? :(
It was so dissapointing.
None of the components on that plate impressed me.

Ice cream was tasteless,
Strawberry was bland,
That yellow crunchy thingy was also bland.
Ugh, everything just did not go well together.


At the end, we still left happy. Why?
The main was satisfying (thank god), and the entire meal only costed $55.
If the price that we had to pay was double, it would definitely not be worth it.

On the plus side, scenery was just amazingly beautiful!
It was my first time at Mosman and it won't be my last.
The restaurant is facing the yacht bay.
So the setting was just perfect on a friday afternoon :)

Cala Luna Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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