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Taiwan Travels : Jiu Fen Old Street & Sky Castle Teahouse
Sunday, November 9, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

On the 3rd day of our Taiwan trip, we took a bus to Ruifang District to visit Jiu Fen Old Street which is located up in the mountains
We took a direct bus from Zhongxiao Fuxing, which took about 30 minutes to arrive at the destination

This place is a massive local/tourist attraction in Taiwan cause it's just so cool!
You get that nostalgic feeling while roaming around this place
There's also heaps of shops for your shopping and eating pleasure :)

Let's go in!

The entire street is just filled with rustic shops with wonderful decoration
Exploring this place was really enjoyable

I have no idea what's inside the bottles LOL
Just looked pretty cool and interesting

Yummy fish ballsss!

Our lunch!
Fishball soup is actually quite common and popular in Taiwan
I had fishball soup like twice during the trip

Halfway through the street we saw this shop exclusively sells maneki-neko
(a.k.a beckoning cat, lucky cat, fortune cat)
They had this wall where everyone could write down their wishes if they bought something from their shop

Every single cat has words written on them to promote/enhance various attributes in life
The most common ones are lucky, wealth, health, love

Look at all these cats!
And this is only a small section
The entire shop was filled with maneki-neko's
Really fascinating :O

With this one being the most fascinating LOL
Not sure if that's suppose to be cute or scary
Maybe both

I usually don't buy things like this but this shop was just so amazing I felt like I had to get one :D
I ended up buying one cat that looked really chilled out and represented both money and 'dreams come true'

We continued strolling along the street and we came across this little place called Sky Castle Teahouse!
(What a great name for a teahouse, feels like I'm in a anime movie)

I saw that they were using charcoal to boil their hot water and I thought it looked really cool
(I'm a sucker when it comes to trying new things)
So we decided to chill, relax and sip some tea while being up in the mountains :)

They had a set of guidelines on how to make tea
Our waitress explained the method in Chinese and I just relied on MPY hoping she actually understood everything LOL
(I can't speak nor understand chinese)

According to MPY, they said for every handful of tea it's recommended that we only pour the hot water into the teapot for a certain amount of time before pouring it out into another pot 
This is to avoid over-soaking of the tea leaves
They said the first soak should be about 15 seconds
Then 10 seconds for the second time and 5 seconds for the next 4 times.
This is to ensure that we are able to get the most out of the tea leaves for a maximum of 6 serves

It was super relaxing just sipping tea and nibbling on green tea biscuits
I even zoned out into complete tranquility for a short period of time

I saw this funny looking figurine when I entered the teahouse
I thought it looked really hideous LOL
Reminds me of squidward
But the more I look at it the more I like it

MPY told me that it's actually a cat
And it's actually to represent our table number which was labelled at the bottom

On the right is my adorable mouse ring that I bought for 180TWD = $6 :D
Apparently it's able 'to bring me money from the outside'
#imgonnaberich :P

Our view!
We managed to grab a seat outside and we could enjoy the fresh air as well as the scenery


If I'm not wrong I think we managed to finish about 12 serves of the teapot in 1.5 hours
My bladder was seriously full by then
I have a small bladder so I had to continuously look for a toilet after we were finished LOL

Okay that's all I have for this blogpost!
I had an amazing time in Jiu Fen
It was one of the best place I visited in Taiwan
The Sky Caste Teahouse was also an unforgettable experience
I seriously had the best time :)

Taiwan Travels : Shilin Night Market
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

On the night of our first day in Taipei, we visited the famous Shilin Night Market
It's known to be the largest night market in Taipei with over 500 food stalls
Be prepared for a flood of photos :P

There's two ways to get to the night Market
You can either alight from Shilin or Jiantan district with both having nearly equal walking distance to the night market

In the train station on the way to Shilin District
So packedddddd
But the train system in Taiwan is super efficient
At peak hours a train comes nearly every two minutes! #whoa

Nearly every signboard in Taiwan has an english translation written on it
So convinient for english travellers like me :P
The market itself is actually quite a distance away from the train station - about 10 minutes walk

And we're here!
For some reason MPY & I did not have much of an appetite during the whole trip :(
No idea why, maybe we were too tired
I would have liked to try a lot more food than I did

The night market wasn't as huge as I thought, but it's definitely the largest night market I've been to so far
There's so much variety of food omg
I'm sure someone has gone into a food coma from feasting at this night market :P

Most of the food here costs around 20~50 TWD (80 cents~$2) 
Extremely cheap!! 
No reason not to splurge :P 
(Okay you might get fat, but hey, #yolo. LOL)

There's actually one main street in Shilin Night Market where all the hot food stalls are located

Taro ballsssssssssssss!


Strolling, strolling, and we saw this BBQ steak cubes stall
Watching them grill was really mouth-watering
Couldn't resist it so I bought one serve :D

Oh myyyy.

That big fat delicious juicy squid :D
I tried the testers and they tasted amazing.
Didn't buy it cause we were too full by then.
Grr I wish I had bigger stomach.


Some sort of penis hotdog or penis ice cream HAHA
Asian countries seriously sell the funniest things
I didn't but it though!

Temples are everywhere in Taipei.
So much so that there's even a temple right in the middle of the night market

The location of this temple was really random and funny cause it's located right in the middle of the hottest food street in the night market
So the entrance stairs of the temple became like a dining area for everyone
We joined in the fun :P

Below is the mee sua that I was eating :D

Mee sua is quite a popular dish in Taiwan
It was actually the first time trying it
Tasted pretty good!
But ugh, I had a hard time eating that coriander leaf
(I'm not a veggie/herbs person LOL)

After walking through the main street, we continued strolling and we passed by this shop selling oyster omelette #omgahh
Temptation was strong again so we entered and gobbled up another plate of food :P

The oysters tasted amazingly fresh
I wish I could eat like this everyday

We spent approximately 2~3 hours in the night market
So if you plan to visit make sure you allow ample time to explore the whole place!
It's also recommended if you go with an empty stomach (or extremely starving) to be able to sample a huge variety of their offering :D

Shilin Night Market was definitely one of the highlight of my trip
A must go if you're in Taiwan

Taiwan Travels : Arrival at Taipei
Friday, October 31, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

This is my first official travel diary for Eat Sleep Live Repeat
I went to Taipei, Taiwan for a 5D5N trip with my friend MPY :D

So for the first day, I arrived at the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport at 9am in the morning and of course I just had to snap a photo of something that says welcome to Taiwan

Was suuuuuuuuuper excited by this point!
(and zombiefied, I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before) 

We booked a hotel in Songshan District called Simple+
The hotel itself was excellent!
The only problem was that the location was slightly inconvenient because we needed to always switch train lines to get to our hotel stop.
However, all was forgiven when we enjoyed the perks offered by the hotel :D
Free wifi, free laundry, free gym, breakfast included and unlimited coffee!
Furthermore, the hotel had a minimalist design which I seriously admired.

Wish I could show it through photos!
I didn't take enough photos this trip
I should have spammed taking photos everywhere LOL
I mean I did but I guess it wasn't enough since I'm actually blogging about my trip :l

Anywho, when we arrived the hotel we couldn't check in yet, so we dropped our bags and started to wandered off.
There was a 7-11 right next to our hotel and I've heard good things about the 7-11's in Taiwan!
When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a mini hotpot station.
There's small two seater tables at the side of the shop, so you could actually have a meal here! :O

Their range of items for sale is actually very interesting.
They even have a range of instant meals like rice and noodles that you could just pop in the oven!
Went to look through the drinks section and I saw this bottle of Classical Milk Tea.

25 TWD = 80 Cents!
That is just incredibly cheap
I always regarded 7-11 to be an expensive convenience store

After I bought my trusty drink,
We proceeded to roam blindly in Taipei LOL
I'm not sure why this happened but we ended up going to the visit the Taipei Main Station as we thought there would be things to see there.
Big mistake.
Avoid this place at all costs.

Though there was this small underground alley that has a few unique restaurants.
I seriously lol-ed when I saw this:

PappaRichie + A man with an afro hairdo LOL

For lunch, we went into this tomato themed restaurant and before my eyes is a Tomato Cheese Ramen!
What is this creation o_o

I ordered it and it tasted pretty average tbh.
It just tasted like ramen in a tomato soup.
But yeah no harm trying new things!

Okay that's all for now.
I've been pretty busy and tired with work so I don't have much time to blog about my trip.
But I'll definitely set aside more time for blogging!

Here's a sneak preview of what my next blog post will be about ;)

Taiwan Post Depression
Monday, October 27, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Just came back from a 5 days trip from Taiwan!
Had an amazing time
I'll write several blog posts about the whole trip with each post covering a few places :D

But for now,
I'm gonna crawl into my bed, suffer post travelling depression and resume to my normal working life tomorrow :'(

Things I Own #003 - Herschel Camo Colorblock Backpack
Friday, October 10, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Wanted to get my hands on a Herschel bag for quite a long time
But I wanted a unique design since most of the herschel bags out there are plain in color, especially black
So I searched and searched around Sydney for a suitable backpack and I finally found this!
Bought it at the glue store at QVB underground 

Camo Colorblock! :D
Gonna bring it to my Taiwan trip #woohoo

Taiwan Trip Countdown
Monday, October 6, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Countdown 15 days to my Taiwan Trip!
Perfect timing to take a break from everything on this island and do what I love to do the most.
Exploring and eating :D #life

It's gonna be a full 5 days trip with my friend (codename: MPY)
I'll try to takes photos of everything and hopefully blog about everything :P

Itinerary ?

I googled '5 days Taiwan trip itenerary recommendation', and someone posted this on the yahoo forum:

Day 1 - National Palace Museum, Formosa Museum, Yangmingshan, Shilin Presidential Residence, Shilin Night Market
Day 2 - Hot Spring District, Guandu, Danshui Fisherman Wharf & Red Castle
Day 3 - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, 228 Museum, Presidential Bldg, National Museum, Bopiliao Old Street, Longshan Temple, Hua Hsi Street Night Market, Ximending
Day 4 - Mirarmar Entertainment Park, Taipei Zoo, Maokong Cable Car & hilltop tea gardens, Yongkang Street Night Market
Day 5 - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei Discovery Centre, Taipei 101 Observatory, Xinyi Eslite Bookstore, Xinyi Cinema City, Liaoning Street & Rao he Street Night Markets

Maybe we'll just follow this :D

We're both gonna be zombified the first day though.
I gotta be up by 3am in the morning to catch the 6am flight
and MPY's gonna reach Taiwan at 5am in the morning from Singapore.

Papaya's Beach Lodge
Sunday, September 28, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

I've heard of this place here and there among Labuan-siders recently
It was established in 2012 and I didn't know it existed until now!
Heard they serve really good burgers
So of course I was eager to check it out :P

Check out their range of burgers!
From a single beef patty to a whopping triple beef patty with triple layers of cheese!
Was feeling adventurous so I ordered their double trouble burger;
A burger with a layer of beef patty and a layer of boneless chicken.
It's something that I've actually never tried.

(P.S. It was actually too large for me to bite at one go so I had to use a fork and a knife)

Overall, it was good!
The cook on the meat was almost spot on.
Would have preferred if they were more aggressive on the seasoning/marination to get more of that tangy char-grilled flavour.
However, I would say this is probably the best burger you can find in Labuan :)

On top of that, the atmosphere was great!
Loved the layout.
They had many different sections with different kinds of seating.

Burgers, beer and the sunset by the beach, I'll be back!

Things I Own #002 - Samsung Galaxy S5
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Recently switched from apple to android!
The main reason why I switched was because of the ability to add widgets and the ability to customize nearly everything.

The trigger that lead me to make this decision;
I saw my colleague's phone at work and he had quick previews/access to his apps right at his home screen.
Then I thought - Damn. I want that.
So I felt like it was time to move on from apple and dive and into the world of android - See what they have to offer.

But being an iPhone user for 4 years, a world where customization is minimal and everything is in order, I struggled.
Out of the box, the Galaxy S5 throws everything they have at you.
There are already more than 30 applications pre-installed for you, even if you don't need them.
On top of that, every single application has numerous settings for you to alter and play around with.

It's almost too much to handle :O

It took me several days to finally settle down.
Until now, I am still learning to use the functions that comes with the phone, and discovering the potential of all the personalization apps that comes with their play store.

But at the end, when you finally have a customized layout that completely fits to your liking, a
ndroid is a fantastic operating system.
I've chosen a suitable lock screen theme, organised my home screen and added my favourite widgets in such a way that it will increase my productivity in my to day life.
Something that I could not do with the apple iOS.
Although, I do feel that the Galaxy S5's screen and camera quality is not as superior as the iPhone.
It was something that I had to compromise.

That being said, I have absolutely no regrets trying out android.
It opened my eyes to a whole new world.

In a nutshell:

Apple is for those who likes simplicity. 
A streamlined and refined operating system that works without too much to worry about.

Android is for those who likes customization.
A world where there are endless possibilities to how you choose to conceptualize the layout and functionality of your phone.

Things I Own #001 - Mickey Mouse Mug
Friday, September 19, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

I'm starting a new series!

= Things I Own =

I've experimented with taking photos on a white wall, played around with the editing and I really loved the result!
So from now on I'll regularly post things I own that is interesting and things that I really love :D
First up, a Mickey Mouse Cup that I bought from Disneyland Aneheim, California!
My all time favourite mug so far.
I feel really happy everytime I use this mug :D
#sounique #awesomemug

Sarawak Kolo Mee
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Labuan's Sarawak Kolo Mee :P

Absolutely love this!
Kolo mee with a light sauce, char siew, deep fried pork fat, mince pork and shallots.
Glad someone brought over Kuching's most popular dish :)

I gotta make a foodie trip down at Sarawak one day.

Name Card
Sunday, September 14, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Behold, my very own name card! :D

Once in a while I get these random ideas that I thought would be cool to execute.

The inspiration behind creating this:

I've heard that my cousin has started off his own standalone architecture company called pocket squares.
So I was thinking,
"Wow, that's impressive. I wonder what his name card would look like?"
From there, I thought,
"Hey I could actually make a name card too LOL"
So I spent several days to conceptualize a design.
(and getting the fonts and spacing right)
Super happy with the result! :)


Eat Sleep Live Repeat
Sunday, September 7, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 1 footsteps ♠

My brand new blog name!
Comes with a new neat little logo :D
Since this blog is no longer an exclusive food blog,
I've decided to change it's name into a more appropriate theme:


In the two months back in this peaceful little island and away from the bustling city,
I've had some time to look back at everything that I've done, 
and to determine what I aim to achieve in the future.

Life so far has been exciting for me and I do not intend slow down just because I'm now staying in a rural area, an island for that matter.

I'm extremely grateful that I've managed to secure a job at a multinational oil & gas service company, Halliburton.
Keeps me busy.
Furthermore, working at Halliburton has accelerated my growth and self-development.
Working there allowed me to unleash my inner potential to perform the best that I can.
I can't wait to see where my life will go in the next 10, 20 years!


In a nutshell, I've learned that life is about living;

Living to discover yourself.
Living to explore & gain new experiences.
(& ultimately)
Living to pursue happiness.

This blog will be a platform for me to document all the exciting things that happens in my life.
I hope you guys will tag along my journey through life!
 & find my blog entries somewhat entertaining.

This is just the beginning! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

A little accidental experiment I did.
Absolutely loved the result! :D

W O R L D S by Porter Robinson

I'm actually an avid CD album collector.
But I only buy albums by artists that I seriously admire,
and whenever I feel like the album produced is a masterpiece.

This is one of those albums.

Friday, September 5, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

I had to deal with this at work today :O

Extremely tedious.
But at the same time, very interesting.

How to make a Birthday Card
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

My latest brilliant idea.


I'm gonna go back to writing proper blog post titles.
The #hashtag phase has been fun :)

I'm also working on rebranding my blog title!
To be announced soon.
#decisions #decisions